Air Mattress XL PLUS 5000

  • High risk alternating overlay/ replacement mattress system.
  • 160 kg capacity.
  • Multi-stretch vapor permeable cover.
  • Cell type mattress.
  • CPR function.
  • Sports bag.



medical sheep skin

Australian Lambskin Comfort Rug

  • High density, plush 30 mm wool pile,  lambskin.
  • Anti static, anti shear.
  • Super supportive.
  • Moisture absorbent natural lambskin.
  • Super comfy.
  • Anti static, anti shear.
  • Moisture absorbent natural lambskin.
  • Sanitized for health and safety of user.
  • Easy machine washable.
  • Size 110 cm min length

Bed Seat

  • A soft sculptured, angled cushion that prevents body slip while relaxing or convalescing in bed.
  • Gentle contour provides snug fit for thighs, elevates legs.
  • Avoids irritating or constant re-positioning of user.
  • Slight elevation aids circulation.


Classic Wrap Around Boot

  • Comfort and accommodating fit are ensured by the generous valcro strapping on the heel and top of the foot.
  • Allowing simple adjustment throughout the day to accommodate any changes in swelling
  • Incorporating a low profile rubber sole ensures the shoe an be worn outside as well as in, offering freedom of movement to the wearer.
  • The rubber sole does not affect the wash-ability of the shoe.
  • The natural properties of sheepskin ensure that comfort is provided to the foot as it is fully enclosed.
  • The water vapor dissipation qualities of the wool ensure perspiration is effectively wicked away from the skin.

DiabPro Footware

  • Diabetic Protection
  • Provides an adjustable fit across the foot.
  • Posted heel support.


EquaGel -The General

  • Advanced Pressure Therapy.
  • Sizes 16" x 16" to 30" x 20" available.
  • 100% EquaGel.
  • Fluid resistant.
  • Vapor permeable.
  • Flame resistant cover.


EquaGel - The Protector

  • Advanced Pressure Therapy.
  • 100% EquaGel.
  • 2 1/2" tall EquaGel in two stages.
  • The pelvic are of the cushion is contoured to more evenlly distribute a user's weight than flat cushions, while retaining 1 3/4 " of buckling gel under the pressure points

EquaGel - The Adjustable Protector

  • Customized Pressure Therapy.
  • 100% EquaGel.
  • 2 1/2" tall EquaGel in two stages.
  • Gel contour inserts are slipped into the fabric pocket inside the cover, beneath the the gel.

Gel Seat Pad

  • High quality gel and a functional design to disperse pressure and improve level of comfort.
  • Gel has a cooling effect.
  • Foam size 460 x 440 x 40 mm

GelBodies Protection

  • Provide protection for areas at risk from pressure sores and nerve damage.
  • Combines breathable ,stretchy coolband material with a specially formulated silcone-based gel that provides soothing relief and pressure relieving skin protection.
  • The gel evenly distributes body weight and wont bottom out.
  • Used in hospital, nursing homes and the home care environment.