Dressing stick

  • Dressing Stick
  • 61 Cm
button hook

Button Hook

  • Easy grip contoured handle and shaped steel loop.
  • Ideal for those that have difficulty fastening small buttons.
  • Length 220 mm

Ezy- Ups

  • EZY-UPS is a new and exciting tool designed in Australia and aimed at aiding anyone with flexibility issues, to make dressing easier.
  • This easy to use light weight tool is designed to assist the aged, those with back injuries or joint replacement issues as well as many post-operative patients, to dress themselves independently of others and so maintain their dignity.
  •  EZY-UPS are produced in 3 colours from extremely durable polycarbonate

Shoe Horn 16"

Plastic handle designed to assist in putting on shoes especially for people who have difficulty bending and reaching.

  • Length: 42 cm

Shoe Horn 24"

  • Plastic molded shoe horn.
  • The long handle gives excellent reach.
  • Hanging loop.
  • 24"
sock aid

Stocking Aid

Simple aid designed to assist with putting on a stocking especially if bending and reaching the foot is difficult.

  • Cut out side notches designed to hold stocking
  • 1 meter length pull straps